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Selasa, Oktober 25, 2016

Hello Pwetty, harap you all semua cantik-cantik selalu okey !J J hari ini nak cerita pasal contouring, I'm not a beauty expert, I still need to learn and practice (lots actually) I just share what I read and watch on youtube it maybe useful to you out there yah maybe ~

Contouring also very popular in asia so many people using especially MUA, Beauty YouTuber and now becoming part of many girls daily routines.Jadi apa itu contouring??? Contouring is giving shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure through makeup, so muka yang agak-agak montel tu boleh di kecilkan boleh jadi bentuk muka tirus giteww…
Nak buat contouring mesti ada technique dan caranya bukan main buat je okey nanti lain plak muka you all tu nanti , akak tak tanggung.. selain dari technique , jenis contour pun kena ambil kira juga,warnanya macam mana, dan juga berus untuk contouring juga memainkan peranan juga,meh baca dekat bawah ni sharing is caring kan…
Stick with matte: Always avoid shimmery products, Contours are meant to be matte, while highlight is meant to have shimmer. Texture is key
Don't be tone deaf: A lot of people contour with their bronzer,You need to find something that creates the illusion of an actual shadow, which typically has tones of beige, brown, taupe, and grey.
Customize your complexion: If you're using powders to contour, you'll get a more matte finish. If you use creams, the result will be more dewy.It's best for beginners to start with creamy products, since they're easy to blend and build get an angled cream brush to hit under the cheekbone and jaw bone.
Brushes matter—a lot:It's all about the brush , Start with a smaller, fluffy eyeshadow brush so you have more precision. You should buy two, one for contouring and one for highlighting.
It's all about the blur: Hard lines are never chic.Use a regular foundation brush or a damp egg sponge and tap it into the contour to make sure there's no demarcation. In other words? You absolutely need to blend it in.Don't forget to add some happy color to the apple of the cheek and a bit of sheen to the cheekbones to further enhance the complexion.Opt for a peachy-pink for a natural-looking flush (we like Tarte's long-wearing blush in Peaceful), then add luminizer just at the top of the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, and a hint on the chin for super-fresh skin
Faham ke idok apa yang I explain kat atas tu hehe,if you all tak faham silalah translate sendiri ya :P , kalau nak tahu lebih lanjut you all boleh baca dekat Women's Health macam-macam tips untuk contouring.Selamat mencuba bye.
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  1. Mai selalu contour hidung and cheekbones je, hihihi. Pakai set sendayu tinggi, memang senang sbb dia ada ajar kt box tu... kadang-kadang bedal je contour pakai obuse kening tu, hehehek.